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Electrical testing equipment, wiring being tested, man testing wiring in a commercial setting

Commercial Electrical Contractors In Derby

AFJB Electrical Limited handles a variety of commercial electrical projects, ensuring compliance in industry standards and affordability in every job, from small to large-scale.

Tailored Electrical Services for Commercial Clients

Commercial solutions tailored to your businesses needs, experienced professionals in commercial settings.

EV Charging

Efficient EV charging station installations for businesses, supporting sustainable transportation solutions.

Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting Installation

Specialised installation of fire alarms and emergency lighting, ensuring compliance and safety in commercial spaces.

Data Cabling

Professional data cabling services, providing network infrastructure for seamless business connectivity.

Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

Providing energy efficient lighting solutions, designed to reduce costs and environmental impact for commercial buildings.

Diagnostic & Repair

Expert diagnosis and repair of electrical issues, ensuring swift resolution and optimal functionality for businesses.

Electrical System Install & Upgrades

Expert installation & upgrade of electrical systems, tailored to modernise & enhance efficiency in commercial properties

Expert Electrical Services For Your Business, Contact Now! 

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